The way veins
can run through the body
like roots from a tree.

The way breath
feels like wind
after heavy rain.

The way eyes
blaze like an inferno
as they fall across your form.

The way the ocean
at the same time it caresses my skin.

Elemental…how I feel about you.


Thomas Saliot painting

Painting  © Thomas Saliot.

Words © Do not reproduce in whole or in part.


Can you…

Can you feel me?
Can you hear me?
That’s me…
…touching you in a dream.

Can you see me?
Can you sense me?
That’s me…
…intoxicating you with my perfume.

Can you embrace me?
Can you kiss me?
That’s me…
…aching to show you waves of heaven.

Can you tease me?
Can you tempt me?
That’s me…
…waiting faithfully, only for you.


Fabián Trapanese1

Image ©  Fabián Trapanese