Moonlight falls across my skin
as my heart quickens in beats of stardust.
I reach for you unable to comprehend
I can drown in longing for you,
yet swim simultaneously in waves of passion.
Your name carved in my bones,
your pulse compelling my heart to beat —
Your hands pulling me deeper into
the rhythm of your need.
I arch with quivering fingers and
dampened petals as pulses of love
the arcane words lost in translation.
Language lost I substitute your name for
each word of love
as you rip my heart from the hinges
and place it inside your own.
Your eyes understand mine
murmuring ‘I love you’..
And in the echoes
the moths whisper you love me too.



Photo © Mary McLeod Photography

Do not reproduce in whole or in part without permission.


Autumn Sighs

Wandering in abstract Autumn sunshine—
September morn slipped
into the afternoon..
..the peaceful ripples
in the water
of the passage of time.



Photo ©

Do not reproduce words/image without permission.