Coffee Fueled Thoughts #9 — Unsung

Unsung hero — (Unsung villain?)
Unsung ruling to perfection.
Innocent ideas turned into crumbled worlds
In the politics of addiction.
Behind every grand idea or invention
Is the person who’s grey matter conceived it.
Accolades and praise never fall on the Unsung.
When I put it all in perspective,
I don’t need Fame.
I just need You.
— Violet ©


Do Not Reproduce In Whole Or In Part Without Permission
© @SweetViolettes — Violet Tudor 2016


Carnivale — Interlude Trois

Interlude Trois

The Dark Circus mirrors cackled as time rippled through
the Funhouse, the Hall of Mirrors tearing
dark designs from the fabric of merged realities.

Tales of vice and virtue revealed in the warped reflection.
Inner thoughts expressed by shadows of the mind
caught as inhibitions drop through alternate worlds.

The mirrors shimmered drawing the easy marks in.
Dreams of fortune, of fame shining back
as the cold flames of the present fell between the cracks.

Step through the looking glass, embrace fantasy’s pleasure
don’t scratch off the surface to find the flames
ignore the magician behind the curtain, be bold.

No exit found,
— but who wants one —
Madame Destiny grants wishes to all shed souls.

To be continued..

Inspired by the Twitter #MadVerse #MadCarnival
Prompts by @MadQueenStorm



Katia Chausheva | Last Leaf

Carnivale — Cinq


I put a spell on you.. you’re mine..

The sultry voice of Nina Simone poured out of the Funhouse,
the Hall of Mirrors picking up fractals of light
from the Scream-O-Rama across from it, the voices
of the scared and the damned mingling in the night air with
musical counterpoint.

“Turn around, come back!”, the echoes of the mirrors beckoned.
“Fall through the looking glass, Alice quite enjoyed her wonderland.”

(The hidden stars prayed:
Don’t look back, there’s nothing to see.
Don’t turn, just run, please stay free.)

“Are you enjoying your evening?”, a voice behind my curled
through the applause in the Freakshow tent.

My companions grip tightened slightly on my arm as an audible intake
of breath, then composure.

“Madame Destiny.”, he said in a steady voice, his grip still firmly
holding my arm.

I stumbled through an introduction as my eyes took in the most
stunning vision in white and red, her eyes piercing like quartz
while her lips moved like blood-red dreams.

She took my hand, the grip on my arm dropped. She looked down
at my other hand and the untouched cotton-candy residing in it.

“White, to tame the darkness and red the colour of mortal blood.
You have come a long way child, you must be hungry, the sweetest
taste of sugar will refresh, savour a bite, then you both must join me
for the show.”

“We were taking in the sights of the Midway, the Hall of Mirrors,
the rides, but we would be delighted to join you under the big top.”,
my companion took my arm again, drawing me protectively close.

A shiver ran through me at the mention of the Hall of Mirrors,
the hallucination at the Funhouse..premonition?

(The silent stars pierced the blackness with their cries:
Don’t do it. Find the magician. Turn and go. Can’t you
feel we aren’t there anymore?)

Perhaps I was a little hungry, light-headed even, the
mirrors were a witness to that.

I lifted the pomegranate cotton-candy to my lips
under the watchful eye of my companion and
Madame Destiny.

The sugary strands, like silk evaporating on my tongue.
Sticky sweet intoxication, like it was running through
my veins, fueling the blood pumping from my heart.
A little more, so delicious..

My companion stroked my arm.

Madame Destiny smiled, her gaze never leaving my lips
as I continued to taste fate.

“A night of masks and mischief, the fates spin the Wheel
of Fortune. Welcome to the #DarkCircus my paradise.”

Cotton-candy nightmares turn to pomegranate dreams,
I feel like I am flying on a trapeze through the sky
yet my feet never leave the ground.

My companion runs a cold finger along my cheek
as he searches my eyes with his sheets of ice. He smiles
and murmurs,

“You’re mine.”


Inspired by the Twitter #MadVerse #MadCarnival
Prompts by @MadQueenStorm




The night slips across my fingers
as I reach for you in wishes imbued in stars..
..the soft strokes feel like velvet.

I pull you closer to me,
soft kisses slipping from my lips.. hair falls across your chest, downward descent.

A moan slips uncontrollably from your lips as my fingers
softly write words across your skin

—  punctuated with kisses  —

I let your hands wander as my fingers move slowly..
..each stroke with intent, each movement of my lips

—  quiver  —


— the swift motion of my tongue,
flicking across the stem,
slipping across the slit,
the tying of the stem  —

Cupping softly fingertips moving in circles,
gentle yet firm touch,
each movement elicting a response.

—  pulse  —

Feeling your grip,
crushing the silk,
pulling me back,
turning me over,
hands still roaming,
jagged heartbeats thrum.

Skin melting into skin,
the movement of desire,
the intoxication of pleasure,
your fingers roam,
my hands reach back.

Uncontrolled heartbeats,
words forming in moans,
thrusts of desire,
my only desire,
your pleasure

— take me  —

— I’m yours —



Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission
© @SweetViolettes — Violet Tudor 2016


Hearts ignite.
Inhibitions fall.
Kisses inked into chambers.
Each thrum.
Chiseling the letters
Of your name.

Paper birds rustle..
..the night falls into endless darkness..
..the stars quiver.


Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission
© @SweetViolettes — Violet Tudor 2016


Running my fingers along lace,
closing my eyes and whispering to the wind..
..the paper birds rustle in their sleep.

Softly slipping my hand against silk..
..inhaling slowly..
..the essence of ecstasy.

Fantasies lit on fire..
..the escalation of desire.


Do Not Reproduce Poetry In Whole Or In Part Without Permission
© @SweetViolettes — Violet Tudor 2016

Carnivale — Interlude Deux

Interlude Deux

I’ve got you under my skin..

Enter the Dark Circus
hold my hand,
have no fear—
—the enchantment awaits
feel the magic,
pull me near.

The subtle strains of Dinah Washington fills the air..

Look into the mirror
reflections so divine.. intimate performance.
Fall through the looking glass,
be mine.

Gaze pulled into the funhouse mirror
like bees to roses..

(Dark stars whisper: Thrill me.)

Eyes shut wide.
pull into each other.
Inhibitions strip bare and fall
to the floor like petals.

(Thrill me)

Lips meet.
Hands roam.
Fingers stroke.
Thighs part.

(Thrill me.)

Captive audience.
Velvet crushed.
Silk falls.
Thunder breaks.
Waves crash.

(Thrill me.)

Intimate performance.
White-knuckle grip in raven hair.
Gasps of release.
Captive audience.

(Thrill me.)

Knees on marble.
Sins on hands.
Innocence spilled on the ground.
Tangible illusions taste like pomegranate..

(The hidden stars cry through blackness:
Turn Around!)

Cotton-candy nightmares
fade into the mist.
Air clears.

Mirror vision fades..
..audience cheers the magician’s tricks.
Ice blue eyes captivate.


The mirror reflects.

Echoes of the past quiver.

Clinging to waves,
ripples of petal softness.

Seeing is believing..
..did my eyes reveal my soul?

“Step right up!”, the barker cries.
The carousel turns.
The tent flaps fold.
The mirror ripples in faded mist.
Breathe in.

My companion takes my arm.
We turn, the night unfolds.

(Tears slip from silent stars..)

Behind, my reflection shivers in the cold.

To be continued..

Inspired by the Twitter #MadVerse #MadCarnival
Prompts by @MadQueenStorm



Vivienne B. — Sturm und Drang — Tempesta ed Impeto